Optimisation techniques in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology


12-16 February 2018 – you can pre-register here!



Course coordinators

Jaap Kaandorp (UvA), Jaap Molenaar(WU), Hans Stigter (WU), Cajo ter Braak (WU)

Course description

In many different problems from bioinformatics and systems biology (e.g. multi parameter estimation, reverse engineering of gene networks, multi-alignment problem, 3D structure prediction etc.) various optimisation methods are applied. In this course you will get acquainted with the underlying mathematics of optimization and with a selection of local and global optimization methods. In addition, throughout this course a great variety of examples of optimization problems in life sciences will be presented and discussed.

  • Day 1: math refresher and univariate optimisation (JaapM+ Hans)
  • Dag 2: local multivariate optimisation (JaapM + Hans)
  • Dag 3: global stochastic optimization¬†(simulated annealing, evolutionary algorithms) (JaapK)
  • Dag 4: parameter estimation, systems control and optimisation (Hans + JaapM)
  • Dag 5: MCMC techniques (Cajo)

More information will follow!


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