BioSB Membership information

January 2018

Per January 1st, 2018 the membership model has changed. The information below is no longer applicable. We will post an update on the new model a.s.a.p.

October 2016

 BioSB currently offers memberships to two categories of members:

  • PhD students
  • academic researchers at universities or non-profit research institutes

For each category, the list of benefits is described below. Major activities of the BioSB research school are the Education Programme and the annual BioSB conference.

 Category Annual fee BioSB membership benefits
PhD student 500 euro
Academic researcher 300 euro
  • Attend all BioSB courses from the Introductory and Core programme with a reduction of 50%.
  • Reduced fee for attending the BioSB annual conference.
  • Attend several BioSB courses from the Specific Courses programme for a reduced course fee.
  • Each researcher who acts as course coordinator for one of the BioSB courses, gets one free seat in the course.

Membership regulations

  • The BioSB membership fee is inclusive of  21% VAT.
  • The BioSB membership will be for the duration of two years.
  • For new members, the BioSB membership will start with a period of two years.  After this period of two years, the BioSB membership will be extended automatically each year, for the period of one year.
  • BioSB memberships can be terminated by providing written notice (by email) no later than one month before the end date of the membership.
  • Individuals who have a short term contract can contact for more information about their BioSB membership possibilities.
  • The starting date of the BioSB membership can be the first of each quarter (Jan 1, April 1, July 1, Oct 1).

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